Ajna is a energetic and dynamic soloist dancer with rich dance background and love of Asian Dance. Ajna is known for her unique and elegant fusion of Cabaret, Modern dance, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Belly-dance, Fire dance and other ethnical performances.

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Why choose Ajna

  • Ajna will capture your audience from start to finish.
  • You will not see such a vast rage of dance styles in one performance anywhere else.
  • Ajna is highly recognised for her professionalism and innovation in live stage shows, films, music videos and corporate events.
  • Ajna is pioneer in entertaining International audiences by providing incomparable Asian and Cabaret Spectacles.
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Specialist in programs from ASIA

Proudly presenting dance culture of the Asia. I countinously travel and study in Asia and just felt in love with the music, dance and of course the costumes.

Ajna offers a wide variety of thematic dance shows. Own costume designs focused on high visual efect. Interesting music and choreographies that you will love.

As the only I can offer a complete artistic performances from countries such as China, KoreaThailand, Japan, Indonesia / Bali, Polynesia/ Hawaii, Tahiti, Coock islands, South an North India / Rajasthan but also ethnic programs, from Seychelles, Reunion, Mauricius. Middle East dances especially from Persia. 

 More from her projects see below:


"If you want to know where I will be next, just get in touch!"



Ajna Kenning
Dancer & Performer